Today, as member of the Council of His Majesty, was my duty review the first regiment of the Garde-Corps. They are assigned to protect the royal sites and normally follows the itinerant court. Today, they presented me military honors bearing the royal insignia of the regiment and shouting Viva o'Re (long life the King!). Was a quickly ceremony that allowed me back to the office to write a letter to the Colonel who has sent me the regiment: "His Excellency: the nex time you will send me a regiment to review you should check that they are carrying swords in the belt".
Yes, I forget create swords (adding to list of pending tasks!).As you can see, I'm inmerse in minor works, meanwhile I'm preparing interior rooms and thinking about a good host-server to open this minigrid. I hope speak about it in the next post and back to my normal rithm of work when exams are finished.

Saturday of quietude, working indoors and without the usual rush. Let's show you the results of today:
Our logo, actualized: Capo di Monte could be the perfect logo to a webpage of the museum. Is sad that the real building is surrounded, invaded, by palms.
My old carriage of SL: You can buy this carriage in the market of Chateau de Versailles, however, a next task is "translate" my script to SL or assign other to convert it in a physical vehicle. I'm concious about the physics problem of Opensim, If I fail, the carriage could be like a horse, a attachment with animated prims. But that's is the plan B. Anywhere, I hope offer this carriage for free to visitors.
Most recent style of clothes, imported: This is my work in SL, now I have two styles of man's dressing, the problem is that I must prepare gowns and other kind of clothing for womens. Create a enviroment in Opensim is like writte a Balzac's novel because you're a supplanter of God: you are responsible to create or get all kind of things to your world. Oh! Look at the paper's folder...
Et voilà! Now is a neapoletan folder, yesterday was a reminiscense of my french age. 

But this is my new life in the sunny Kingdom of Naples and Two Siciles, and I wish share it with you, dear and patient reader.

It's time to open this folder and direct the matters of this kingdom! (giggles)
Mass production is boring, I decided continue the building tasting the next works and finishing some minor tasks like the roof. This building based in the Palazzo Reale di Napoli, Capo di Monte is crowned by a saddle roof, this element brings joy to a facade wich decoration is based only in grey load-bearing elements. The wall's red is a idea to fill empty spaces and the roof provides solidity.
The roof of Capodimonte. Made with prims.

Also, I played a little with the main stairs structure. These stairs are not in the plan of the Palace, I an invention but, the actual stairs was modified in XIX century, that lets me be creative...In absence of the original plans.
The stair's structure: a very low-poly mesh, phantom, with a phisical structure of prims.

And finally, I can't avoid show you the first room of the noble floor, was a good idea prepare the patterns of the decoration and copy-drag with the mesh modules of the facade, now I can adjust quickly and have the room ready to live. Also I added a vault, door frames and some furniture. About windows, if you comes to Chateau de Versailles in SL, surely you could open almost the totality of the palace's windows. I clap, is beautifull and realistic, but they are spending a lot of server resources repeating scripts. Then, is preferable put opening windows where the view offers a good perspective. 
I love this clock, but I will prepare a low-poly version, that's is a polygons monster!

I hope you enjoy this morsel of Naples!
I'm thinking about create something like a embassy of this project in Second Life, a little space to play a good roleplay and meet posible users to Capodimonte. Yesterday night, I decided try to put a mesh structure to recycle parts of the old palace that I rejected thinking that is not historically correct, etc. Naturally, I was beaten by the lag. 
Then, I was tempted to think that my meshes are guilty of that enormous amount of lag surrounding me. I did some experiments this morning and for now have some conclusions. LL Viewer 3 is a shit -no, are not news- and provides a lot of rendering problems, in a avatar's traffic rush hour or in a desert sim. However, Singularity viewer is based in Viewer 1 but, like V3, allows dinamic shadows and, of course mesh. The lag is imperceptible.

Then, Can I consider that my Capodimonte mesh-monster don't will be a horrible lag's fountain? Yes and no, perhaps I must decrease faces and polygons of some models like the garden's ivy and parterre, but trees uses a ridicule amount and the architectual modules are under acceptable levels. My facade's modules are not a simple flat surfaces covered by a smart texture, have profiles with diferent sizes of triangles and we must be concious about it. In my paranoia, I was tempted to create Capodimonte in Unity3D and take a goof FPS size but, thinking seriously, I ruled out the idea.

Here, each mesh module are between 1500 or 500 faces, a low amount, quit faces could be posible, but I still think that is a stupid sacrifice.
Linden Labs Viewer3
Singularity viewer
Our conversation, dear reader, continues! The only secret is: research, create, work, learn, tell you all! This project is still borning, and now is time to say you a enormous thank you for follow us.
New objectives are raising on the horizon: tutorials, search a good hosting server -perhaps create my own home server- and open the mini-grid, a small kiosk in SL, OSGrid, and others to get friends to that new virtual world...Of course, each thing in his time and oportunity. 
To celebrate this day, walk with me -and Vivaldi- in this first video wich quality I hope improve in the next editions.
I'm worried about the hardware costs that my virtual world will produce, my first measure was reduce the amount of prims. The iron bars of the windows are taking 1000 prims and I replaced it with textures...Using the iron bars made by prims. For avoid the famous alpha conflict with iron bars and windows, I put wood shutters. Is not for delete 1000 prims...Is for use these 1000 prims to furnish rooms, prepare landscapes or mini-games in-world.

And...A little of reflexion: What is the cost of meshes? Say six or nine prims per mesh module is like take the size of a table using leagues, fathoms or yards... No, I was wrong in this post and found a possible answer in this blog. Perhaps is the same history: more detailed meshes are most costs. My worry is not exceed the limitations of SL, because I'm in Opensim, but I want perceive a small idea about what could be the best hosting server for me...What are my own limitations in this project. My objetive is finish the main building part to open quickly and start genuinely. Also, start to "live" here. Perhaps will be a sin, but to paraphrase Milton, this is my Builded Paradise.

Anywhere, I have motives to be optimist because I'm running my grid as standalone/hypergrid (with serious problems with my router to have Hypergrid) and running the LL's viewer simultaneously...A MySQL database, and a lot of software punctual like Blender, Sketchup, Gimp, and others related with secondary tasks.
Finally, someone has advised me that could be good earn money using my "skills" and projects: the fast answer is that the cultural things are money machine when my palace is becoming a casino or brothel. Or both. 
The date of the last post of this construction's diary was 01/16/2012, therefore I had six days to build the arcade of the ground floor of Capodimonte. Sorry, five! because I taked the last friday to forget Opensim and rest. So, was a week submerged under endless arcades with his vaults. Let me show you the results.
Two infinite arcades are surrounding Capodimonte like two arteries, for me this is a magical and mysterious vision.
One of the three symetrical courtyards.
Really is a forest of arches and vaults!
The structure in a representative view.
And a attempt of hypothetical gardens. The actual layout of the nearest gardens of Capo di Monte are too nineteenth, too romantic. I will give a touch of rococo style for the RP that I want get develop here: my experience says that the people love good gardens for walk, conspire or flirt. Of course, is an interpretation.
Prepare the exteriors is a good exercise to support tedious tasks like repeat arches, vaults, arches, vaults during a week. Naturally, the green spaces need a little more planning and details, now look very schematic.

Addenda: Take snapshots with shadows is becoming a great adventure, full of viewer's crashes. Surely the answer is here and is related with transparent cubes that I use like colliders. Did you remember this snapshot?
My Capo di Monte is full of transparent boxes serving as physical colliders. A little trick, but no totally sure, is put the daylight -sunshine- and later activate the shadows in the preferences panel of the viewer, but no vice versa!
Surely the problem is mine, but perhaps the need of a proper viewer by Opensim(ers) for Opensim could be a solution. Let me recomend you the article of Lawrence Pierce in Hypergridbusiness about this subject.

See you soon!
I'm writting simultaneously while attending the King's public supper in Château de Versailles (Chateau de Versailles in SL's map). This is a important ceremony in the court of Luis XV (king since 1715 to 1774), perhaps not so daily like times of Louis XIV (since 1643 to 1715).
Firstly, I attend this ceremony as Louis Phelypèaux, duke of La Vrilliere, Secretary of State of the Royal House. As you will see, I can take a break in the building process of my own RP to login quickly in SL and be on time. I lived, since three years ago, two or three periods of this RP, and today is the most stable time and a delicious place to live and play.
The courtiers attend to take part in this ceremony, now is a role of observer,of course you are wisper your own conversation with other courtes, but normally the main conversation is between the King and the members of the Royal Family sitting with His Majesty. Finally, my aspect is different here, but these clothes are created by me and can dress it and my shape -less tall- equally in Opensim.
The Court of Versailles, really called Cour Royale de France, is the reference for other SL's courts (was really the reference in his age) that I hope visit and show here, in my humble opinion is the most studied, measured and historically correct RP of his frame-time (1773). Of course, is great part of my inspiration. Almost looking us: Madame la duchesse de Rohan-Montbazon.
Since left to right: Madame la Dauphine de France, Marie Antoinette (still a young woman), madame la vicomtesse dowager of Saint Emillion, Constance Élisabeth de Bonzac, His Majesty the King, Louis XV of France and Navarre and Madame Royale, Marie Adelaïde de France (the old King's daughter).
And you, my dear reader, watching us.
I could explain you that the King's live passed between ceremonies of his daily life like this, in the case of Louis XV, he normally travelled to other palaces to escape of the "Etiquette", also living in Versailles, the ceremony was simple theatre: after that all courtiers wished good night to His Majesty, the king get up and comes to his private apartments in the Palace and living out of the public eyes. In this Chateau de Versailles in SL you can visit these chambers. All is a great and complete replica.
Here, the king eat of a lot of plates served in the table, but he only eats two or three, the rest is for the people who whant buy the excellent food of the Versailles cuisines.

The King Supper's Ceremony:  The King appears in the room of the Grand Couvert and sits. Only princess of the Royal Family can eat with the king, the rest of the court observes all. If the King speak to some courtier, the elected is very fortunate, he have the King's favour and will be very considered. Before serve the goods, the Cardinal bless the table, after the oration, the valets serves the table. The king eats and inits a conversation with the princess and some high-rank officer of the court, near of the table. The swarm of courtiers wispers and murmures.
Itself, could be a bored event, but is like a stimulus to increase the rithm of the roleplay. If you like the History or, perhaps you are part of these fans of the Royals, this is your event. If you like the art, this is your household.

A good advise: visit the place and dress the freebie clothes, a man with tattoos burst in the room and, believe me, that could be broke the atmosphere of the moment, in each role play happens something like this.

For see the table of events of Versailles, detailed, is good walk personally to the palace. Also, you can see here the next events: Royal Courts of Second Life.

For learn more about Versailles in SL touch here!

Now, lets continue building!
Despite in RL is time of exams for me, I'm taking a little of free time to continue working. With all the facades distributed, is the moment to organize the ground floor and the three important courtyards of the palace. 
This palace have a rectangular grid's form, the panels of glass in the roof are a recent idea to give skylight to the rooms of the second floor, with small windows. The reason is that the initial museum started in the noble floor, actually, lost his residential function, the museum has increased his size. I will prepare the courtyards: like all in this building are symmetrical.
Looking at the interior, the overlap galleries give a magic perspective. For now, is needed create mesh modules to the vaults and a new flat pillar to separe each arch. Also is possible observe a new change, the interior is white and I'm agree with the constrast: the facades yet provides enough red to the eyes.
I'm learning to understand the aesthetics of this Reggia di Capo di Monte while continue the building process. Is a neoclassic building with a baroque palace's vocation and a little touch of military style. But, mostly, could evoke the worthy of the ancient Palatine in Rome.

A next research in the notebook: What was the function of the ground floor? For now I supose where the guardooms of the leading regiment, the Corps Guard (High guard's regiment of the King), the Queen's Guard and surely others.
Uniform of the Guards of Corps
Uniform of the Regiment of the Queen's Infantry.
I found almost twenty five regiments of the Carlo VII's army, but normally in a Bourbon monarchy is the Guard of Corps the regiment that protect to the Royal Family and the Royal Places.

But I supose too that in the ground floor had his space one or various kitchens, stores, wineries, tool rooms, procurement offices, and some space to the garages -perhaps a worthless space under the arcades- but, Where the horses lived? Then remember that this is a important hunt's place. But with the horses living in the ground floor was not easy open the courtyard's windows without let enter the pestilent smell of the stables...Into State rooms and the Royal Family chambers.

For now all this is a suspicion, waiting for a good and deep historical research. Surely the horses will take his marvellous smell and they will live far of this palace.
Perhaps my possition about Second Life is too hard. Yes, I am dissapointed, but still is possible recognize some virtues in the LL's monster:

-Was a pionner in this kind of product.
-LL is able to keep people and is the largest virtual world sui generis.
-SL is full of content, becoming in the most interesting virtual world.
-SL try to innovate with new features to increase the useful and interest of the people.
-LL is changing his unpleasant face with Linden Realms and some publicitary politic to give kindness to his product.
-SL have a lot of users, and someone are very happy with the experience in-world.

However exist a discussion, something like a fight among Opensim and Second Life. Usually I'm being part of any verbal war -of course, being polite- and is not reason for to be ashamed. Of course, and with cool head -I am dressing my tricorn to keep the brain temperature- the conclusion is...This is a taste's discussion, you prefers London and I love Venice. Second Life with his virtues and Opensim like the Nivana or some minoritary -for now- people. 
The problem appears when you reads in a blog that SL is a great thing and you are agree with a horrible internal politic, the high land prices and the poor promotion to high quality content or non-profit educational projects, the problem pokes when you are defending -in a year prediction- that SL will increase his population and will become in a most useful and nice world. Because you are out of all kind of reality. Second Life is a great thing but is losing strength, of course is not dying, like some "opensimers" wish in his posts. For a great part of people SL is live and for other, surely a good amount of users now is dead. This is the dual magic of the metaverse!

Second Life and Opensim are two faces of the same coin: and are very hard ends. SL are serious business but is expensive, Opensim could be managed by a orange frog but is cheap or free. SL is a good tool for create contents and sale in a virtual market, in Opensim you can export your contents and sale in a closed grid. SL is all money -but you can live for free if are able to hunt good gifts- and Opensim can be the World without economy. Seems that a extreme is answering to the other side...

My respects to all users of virtual worlds, both options are good, however let me recomend you my idea of metaverse based in Opensim, or why not? In a future metaverse using Unity3D or something similar.

Buona fortuna a tutti nostri amici!!!
That's the results of go to think in the forest of Capodimonte...Oh my God! I'm need continue building!