Mass production is boring, I decided continue the building tasting the next works and finishing some minor tasks like the roof. This building based in the Palazzo Reale di Napoli, Capo di Monte is crowned by a saddle roof, this element brings joy to a facade wich decoration is based only in grey load-bearing elements. The wall's red is a idea to fill empty spaces and the roof provides solidity.
The roof of Capodimonte. Made with prims.

Also, I played a little with the main stairs structure. These stairs are not in the plan of the Palace, I an invention but, the actual stairs was modified in XIX century, that lets me be creative...In absence of the original plans.
The stair's structure: a very low-poly mesh, phantom, with a phisical structure of prims.

And finally, I can't avoid show you the first room of the noble floor, was a good idea prepare the patterns of the decoration and copy-drag with the mesh modules of the facade, now I can adjust quickly and have the room ready to live. Also I added a vault, door frames and some furniture. About windows, if you comes to Chateau de Versailles in SL, surely you could open almost the totality of the palace's windows. I clap, is beautifull and realistic, but they are spending a lot of server resources repeating scripts. Then, is preferable put opening windows where the view offers a good perspective. 
I love this clock, but I will prepare a low-poly version, that's is a polygons monster!

I hope you enjoy this morsel of Naples!
1/26/2012 10:19:48 pm

holy cow! what a fantastic build and so grand! i love it! =)

1/27/2012 09:46:47 am

Ahhh!! Dear Ener, all this building is an adventure and a challenge, the mesh is not so extended among users and I feel mad or a crazy pionner. Anywhere in this risked solitude your words are a reason to continue.

Kind regards :))

11/27/2012 09:49:17 am

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Also, routine repairs and checks have to be plotted out on a calendar, visible or recognized by everyone in the creating. This minimizes the inconvenience on the part of tenants or residents.

Mahmoud Said
2/5/2019 09:29:03 am

If you could provide me with 2D drawings of the Facade.


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