Saturday of quietude, working indoors and without the usual rush. Let's show you the results of today:
Our logo, actualized: Capo di Monte could be the perfect logo to a webpage of the museum. Is sad that the real building is surrounded, invaded, by palms.
My old carriage of SL: You can buy this carriage in the market of Chateau de Versailles, however, a next task is "translate" my script to SL or assign other to convert it in a physical vehicle. I'm concious about the physics problem of Opensim, If I fail, the carriage could be like a horse, a attachment with animated prims. But that's is the plan B. Anywhere, I hope offer this carriage for free to visitors.
Most recent style of clothes, imported: This is my work in SL, now I have two styles of man's dressing, the problem is that I must prepare gowns and other kind of clothing for womens. Create a enviroment in Opensim is like writte a Balzac's novel because you're a supplanter of God: you are responsible to create or get all kind of things to your world. Oh! Look at the paper's folder...
Et voilà! Now is a neapoletan folder, yesterday was a reminiscense of my french age. 

But this is my new life in the sunny Kingdom of Naples and Two Siciles, and I wish share it with you, dear and patient reader.

It's time to open this folder and direct the matters of this kingdom! (giggles)

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