I'm writting simultaneously while attending the King's public supper in Château de Versailles (Chateau de Versailles in SL's map). This is a important ceremony in the court of Luis XV (king since 1715 to 1774), perhaps not so daily like times of Louis XIV (since 1643 to 1715).
Firstly, I attend this ceremony as Louis Phelypèaux, duke of La Vrilliere, Secretary of State of the Royal House. As you will see, I can take a break in the building process of my own RP to login quickly in SL and be on time. I lived, since three years ago, two or three periods of this RP, and today is the most stable time and a delicious place to live and play.
The courtiers attend to take part in this ceremony, now is a role of observer,of course you are wisper your own conversation with other courtes, but normally the main conversation is between the King and the members of the Royal Family sitting with His Majesty. Finally, my aspect is different here, but these clothes are created by me and can dress it and my shape -less tall- equally in Opensim.
The Court of Versailles, really called Cour Royale de France, is the reference for other SL's courts (was really the reference in his age) that I hope visit and show here, in my humble opinion is the most studied, measured and historically correct RP of his frame-time (1773). Of course, is great part of my inspiration. Almost looking us: Madame la duchesse de Rohan-Montbazon.
Since left to right: Madame la Dauphine de France, Marie Antoinette (still a young woman), madame la vicomtesse dowager of Saint Emillion, Constance Élisabeth de Bonzac, His Majesty the King, Louis XV of France and Navarre and Madame Royale, Marie Adelaïde de France (the old King's daughter).
And you, my dear reader, watching us.
I could explain you that the King's live passed between ceremonies of his daily life like this, in the case of Louis XV, he normally travelled to other palaces to escape of the "Etiquette", also living in Versailles, the ceremony was simple theatre: after that all courtiers wished good night to His Majesty, the king get up and comes to his private apartments in the Palace and living out of the public eyes. In this Chateau de Versailles in SL you can visit these chambers. All is a great and complete replica.
Here, the king eat of a lot of plates served in the table, but he only eats two or three, the rest is for the people who whant buy the excellent food of the Versailles cuisines.

The King Supper's Ceremony:  The King appears in the room of the Grand Couvert and sits. Only princess of the Royal Family can eat with the king, the rest of the court observes all. If the King speak to some courtier, the elected is very fortunate, he have the King's favour and will be very considered. Before serve the goods, the Cardinal bless the table, after the oration, the valets serves the table. The king eats and inits a conversation with the princess and some high-rank officer of the court, near of the table. The swarm of courtiers wispers and murmures.
Itself, could be a bored event, but is like a stimulus to increase the rithm of the roleplay. If you like the History or, perhaps you are part of these fans of the Royals, this is your event. If you like the art, this is your household.

A good advise: visit the place and dress the freebie clothes, a man with tattoos burst in the room and, believe me, that could be broke the atmosphere of the moment, in each role play happens something like this.

For see the table of events of Versailles, detailed, is good walk personally to the palace. Also, you can see here the next events: Royal Courts of Second Life.

For learn more about Versailles in SL touch here!

Now, lets continue building!

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