I'm thinking about create something like a embassy of this project in Second Life, a little space to play a good roleplay and meet posible users to Capodimonte. Yesterday night, I decided try to put a mesh structure to recycle parts of the old palace that I rejected thinking that is not historically correct, etc. Naturally, I was beaten by the lag. 
Then, I was tempted to think that my meshes are guilty of that enormous amount of lag surrounding me. I did some experiments this morning and for now have some conclusions. LL Viewer 3 is a shit -no, are not news- and provides a lot of rendering problems, in a avatar's traffic rush hour or in a desert sim. However, Singularity viewer is based in Viewer 1 but, like V3, allows dinamic shadows and, of course mesh. The lag is imperceptible.

Then, Can I consider that my Capodimonte mesh-monster don't will be a horrible lag's fountain? Yes and no, perhaps I must decrease faces and polygons of some models like the garden's ivy and parterre, but trees uses a ridicule amount and the architectual modules are under acceptable levels. My facade's modules are not a simple flat surfaces covered by a smart texture, have profiles with diferent sizes of triangles and we must be concious about it. In my paranoia, I was tempted to create Capodimonte in Unity3D and take a goof FPS size but, thinking seriously, I ruled out the idea.

Here, each mesh module are between 1500 or 500 faces, a low amount, quit faces could be posible, but I still think that is a stupid sacrifice.
Linden Labs Viewer3
Singularity viewer

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