Perhaps my possition about Second Life is too hard. Yes, I am dissapointed, but still is possible recognize some virtues in the LL's monster:

-Was a pionner in this kind of product.
-LL is able to keep people and is the largest virtual world sui generis.
-SL is full of content, becoming in the most interesting virtual world.
-SL try to innovate with new features to increase the useful and interest of the people.
-LL is changing his unpleasant face with Linden Realms and some publicitary politic to give kindness to his product.
-SL have a lot of users, and someone are very happy with the experience in-world.

However exist a discussion, something like a fight among Opensim and Second Life. Usually I'm being part of any verbal war -of course, being polite- and is not reason for to be ashamed. Of course, and with cool head -I am dressing my tricorn to keep the brain temperature- the conclusion is...This is a taste's discussion, you prefers London and I love Venice. Second Life with his virtues and Opensim like the Nivana or some minoritary -for now- people. 
The problem appears when you reads in a blog that SL is a great thing and you are agree with a horrible internal politic, the high land prices and the poor promotion to high quality content or non-profit educational projects, the problem pokes when you are defending -in a year prediction- that SL will increase his population and will become in a most useful and nice world. Because you are out of all kind of reality. Second Life is a great thing but is losing strength, of course is not dying, like some "opensimers" wish in his posts. For a great part of people SL is live and for other, surely a good amount of users now is dead. This is the dual magic of the metaverse!

Second Life and Opensim are two faces of the same coin: and are very hard ends. SL are serious business but is expensive, Opensim could be managed by a orange frog but is cheap or free. SL is a good tool for create contents and sale in a virtual market, in Opensim you can export your contents and sale in a closed grid. SL is all money -but you can live for free if are able to hunt good gifts- and Opensim can be the World without economy. Seems that a extreme is answering to the other side...

My respects to all users of virtual worlds, both options are good, however let me recomend you my idea of metaverse based in Opensim, or why not? In a future metaverse using Unity3D or something similar.

Buona fortuna a tutti nostri amici!!!
That's the results of go to think in the forest of Capodimonte...Oh my God! I'm need continue building!
1/15/2012 09:46:26 pm

you are not too strict against Linden Lab. your perspective is valid and reflects your opinion, thus it can not be wrong because it is your view

some think i am very hard on SL and my opinion is that they no longer can provide me with what i need. BUT . . . to anyone that says i am negative, i challenge them to see if they are as positive toward SL as i once was:

i had 19 sims and paid LL nearly $3,000 a month, i blogged heavily and positively about them for two years, i posted 8,000 Flickr pics of how beautiful it was, i spoke at conferences about the use of SL for education, i met (in person) with two business Lindens in San Francisco and went to lunch with them for two hours to talk about a book, i was an SL Mentor and spent 2-4 hours per week on Orientation Island

so . . . i have been very positive and also negative about SL

they opened my eyes to the possibilities and now OpenSim fits my needs better =)

1/16/2012 07:44:19 am

Dear Ener:

Exactly! SL is polyhedral and have a strong opinion in one side of the discussion is a difficult possition too. Your experience is a good illustration, logically fluctuates! :D

I tried to equilibrate the balance a little with my own opinion, I was looking myself being a very radical "opensimmer".

Kind regards to the wonderful pink-haired girl! (And thanks to understand my english) xD


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