I'm worried about the hardware costs that my virtual world will produce, my first measure was reduce the amount of prims. The iron bars of the windows are taking 1000 prims and I replaced it with textures...Using the iron bars made by prims. For avoid the famous alpha conflict with iron bars and windows, I put wood shutters. Is not for delete 1000 prims...Is for use these 1000 prims to furnish rooms, prepare landscapes or mini-games in-world.

And...A little of reflexion: What is the cost of meshes? Say six or nine prims per mesh module is like take the size of a table using leagues, fathoms or yards... No, I was wrong in this post and found a possible answer in this blog. Perhaps is the same history: more detailed meshes are most costs. My worry is not exceed the limitations of SL, because I'm in Opensim, but I want perceive a small idea about what could be the best hosting server for me...What are my own limitations in this project. My objetive is finish the main building part to open quickly and start genuinely. Also, start to "live" here. Perhaps will be a sin, but to paraphrase Milton, this is my Builded Paradise.

Anywhere, I have motives to be optimist because I'm running my grid as standalone/hypergrid (with serious problems with my router to have Hypergrid) and running the LL's viewer simultaneously...A MySQL database, and a lot of software punctual like Blender, Sketchup, Gimp, and others related with secondary tasks.
Finally, someone has advised me that could be good earn money using my "skills" and projects: the fast answer is that the cultural things are money machine when my palace is becoming a casino or brothel. Or both. 

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