The date of the last post of this construction's diary was 01/16/2012, therefore I had six days to build the arcade of the ground floor of Capodimonte. Sorry, five! because I taked the last friday to forget Opensim and rest. So, was a week submerged under endless arcades with his vaults. Let me show you the results.
Two infinite arcades are surrounding Capodimonte like two arteries, for me this is a magical and mysterious vision.
One of the three symetrical courtyards.
Really is a forest of arches and vaults!
The structure in a representative view.
And a attempt of hypothetical gardens. The actual layout of the nearest gardens of Capo di Monte are too nineteenth, too romantic. I will give a touch of rococo style for the RP that I want get develop here: my experience says that the people love good gardens for walk, conspire or flirt. Of course, is an interpretation.
Prepare the exteriors is a good exercise to support tedious tasks like repeat arches, vaults, arches, vaults during a week. Naturally, the green spaces need a little more planning and details, now look very schematic.

Addenda: Take snapshots with shadows is becoming a great adventure, full of viewer's crashes. Surely the answer is here and is related with transparent cubes that I use like colliders. Did you remember this snapshot?
My Capo di Monte is full of transparent boxes serving as physical colliders. A little trick, but no totally sure, is put the daylight -sunshine- and later activate the shadows in the preferences panel of the viewer, but no vice versa!
Surely the problem is mine, but perhaps the need of a proper viewer by Opensim(ers) for Opensim could be a solution. Let me recomend you the article of Lawrence Pierce in Hypergridbusiness about this subject.

See you soon!

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