Today, as member of the Council of His Majesty, was my duty review the first regiment of the Garde-Corps. They are assigned to protect the royal sites and normally follows the itinerant court. Today, they presented me military honors bearing the royal insignia of the regiment and shouting Viva o'Re (long life the King!). Was a quickly ceremony that allowed me back to the office to write a letter to the Colonel who has sent me the regiment: "His Excellency: the nex time you will send me a regiment to review you should check that they are carrying swords in the belt".
Yes, I forget create swords (adding to list of pending tasks!).As you can see, I'm inmerse in minor works, meanwhile I'm preparing interior rooms and thinking about a good host-server to open this minigrid. I hope speak about it in the next post and back to my normal rithm of work when exams are finished.


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