Despite in RL is time of exams for me, I'm taking a little of free time to continue working. With all the facades distributed, is the moment to organize the ground floor and the three important courtyards of the palace. 
This palace have a rectangular grid's form, the panels of glass in the roof are a recent idea to give skylight to the rooms of the second floor, with small windows. The reason is that the initial museum started in the noble floor, actually, lost his residential function, the museum has increased his size. I will prepare the courtyards: like all in this building are symmetrical.
Looking at the interior, the overlap galleries give a magic perspective. For now, is needed create mesh modules to the vaults and a new flat pillar to separe each arch. Also is possible observe a new change, the interior is white and I'm agree with the constrast: the facades yet provides enough red to the eyes.
I'm learning to understand the aesthetics of this Reggia di Capo di Monte while continue the building process. Is a neoclassic building with a baroque palace's vocation and a little touch of military style. But, mostly, could evoke the worthy of the ancient Palatine in Rome.

A next research in the notebook: What was the function of the ground floor? For now I supose where the guardooms of the leading regiment, the Corps Guard (High guard's regiment of the King), the Queen's Guard and surely others.
Uniform of the Guards of Corps
Uniform of the Regiment of the Queen's Infantry.
I found almost twenty five regiments of the Carlo VII's army, but normally in a Bourbon monarchy is the Guard of Corps the regiment that protect to the Royal Family and the Royal Places.

But I supose too that in the ground floor had his space one or various kitchens, stores, wineries, tool rooms, procurement offices, and some space to the garages -perhaps a worthless space under the arcades- but, Where the horses lived? Then remember that this is a important hunt's place. But with the horses living in the ground floor was not easy open the courtyard's windows without let enter the pestilent smell of the stables...Into State rooms and the Royal Family chambers.

For now all this is a suspicion, waiting for a good and deep historical research. Surely the horses will take his marvellous smell and they will live far of this palace.
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