Some weeks ago I told you that our project need a base in SL, this is not only a strategy for get players, also is a experimental point to show the people's reaction to mesh. It's normal when the poor mesh is still despised as "new thingy" and Machiavelli -I'm reading thoroughly "De Principatibus"- gave me a idea, because he thought that new ideas must be implement using your force and no, that's no mean that I will kill all the avatars opposed to mesh, no, I will offer a atractive -and small, because SL is expensive- enviroment and the only way to enjoy it is use a mesh viewer. The place's beauty will be my sword! And all this is so important because I want to know the user's problems to visualice mesh in a grid full of users. In my future mini-grid, I could be sleeping while someone is angry because he can't visualize Capodimonte or his configuration shows a wrinkled palace, without a little help...

Then, I decided design myself a space to develop a informal court's life in our Naples 1770's using a lot of mesh structures. Naturally, this will be funny because also we will start a roleplay! For now, I have another -and fast- project that I hope finish this week to continue building Capodimonte to open the mini-grid soon.
This small palace is product of my personal taste, I decided be today the architect, of course, following the style of our XVIII Century, and is easy, because my architectural taste is really baroque!
Three days ago: the easy part, design the building in SketchUP.
Yesterday: the hard part, mapping the mesh in Blender: is a slow and repetitive work, but the result is worth. I decided quit the windows frame because the work becomes less hard and I could variate the design of each window, or simply change the frames in the future.
Well, I'm having fun with it! Also I'm preparing some mesh clothes. Perhaps you could ask me why I'm so obsessed with mesh, let me tell you: because tomorrow could emerge a revolutionary virtual world, perhaps something powered by Unity, or a different Opensim, and convert all my prim-things could be a unattractive work. Also, my models could be used in other projects, like some presentation 3D in the University.

I repeat again, I'm having fun!!!
Looking at the next tasks list, I decided provide to a "services" zone wich will be used as landing point and base for get all kind of personal elements, like clothes, AOs, weapons and also a light historical gide to play this roleplay.
The problem is that our Capo di Monte is pure mesh, if someone uses mistakenly a no-mesh viewer could be a catastrophic experience, then I decided put a traditional structure of "prims" -mesh models, sculpts and prims are really "mesh", but that's are the differences inherited of SL- to mark a reference point. In adittion, I will put a "giver" in the landing point to warn that a "mesh viewer" is  indispensable to play here and how it must be configured. The configuration is easy if you know what is the debug settings console in the advanced menu of the viewer, you must writte there "onrendervolumeLODfactor" and give a value 5100. It is difficult if you are a newcomer.
Look at the end, there is a new building!
This space will be the landing point,  it is not historically correct, I adapted my version of the frenchMusic's Pavillion of Madame du Barry, designed by Ledoux, to convert in a "services" zone. I could design a new building or create a new and historical space far of Capo di Monte to use as landing point, but that could mean lose more time creating buildings when is needed furniture, clothes, weapons, animals, decoration, etc. I hope change it when the urgent tasks where satisfied.
I found a little of information about the gardens of Capo di Monte before become "romantics". Could be something like it, but I must give variety:  other threes, flowers, benchs, details, details and details! I confess that is a pleasure take a different matter, naturally, the Palace's stairs are waiting for me to be finished but I want rest a little of all this architecture.
Oops! I forget! This is the interior of the "services" zone; red room for get your skin, AO, clothes, weapons, jewells, etc; blue room for get furniture for your apartments in the palace, this have a explanation: I hope offer two rooms in the high floor of the palace to each courtier that want play, then, this room is really needed for provide of the basic kind of stuff to furnish a home. The central room will be the RP's information center, light information that could be completed in a other advanced space into the palace, here you can take perspective about how to play...If you want live here, of course. All for free, naturally.
This is the gentleman's wall of the red room, under construction, now I must fill the vendors and create new shoes, wigs, skins, AOs, swords, etc, to continue with the same task in the ladies wall.
Watching Capo di Monte between the columns!
Well, for now is enough. The project shows a good progress and I'm proud, but continue is my device!
Hello! Yes, that was my life the last five days. I'm preparing the server to open Capodimonte to you, of course will be a test grid but we will get experience not only with the technology, also with the RP, and the needs of a young grid. Well, today I get run it right, naturally I'm need finish the configuring work.

In addition, I had a great experience with Ubuntu (the easy Linux distribution) and I must confess that, despite I fall in love with this operative system, I don't have time, for now, to learn how to run Diva Distro using Mono develop. But all are not bad news, because I was able to mount and manage a MySQL server using Linux. But, finally, I decide use Windows Xp for run this test server, like Condensation Land Grid.
Hey! Don't look at my nose so fixedly! As you can see, this is the first result of my incursion connecting my grid to out world. And I consider that is a good moment to say thank you to Crista Lopes, aka Diva Canto, the creator of this marvellous tool called Wifi, increasing the value of Opensimulator itself.
Today I will test the conectivity of my grid in any public conection like my University or the corner's pub, fix issues and tell you the history.

And finally, you can read the list of urgent tasks:
1-Finish the server's network.
2-Finish at least six interior rooms of the palace for have a visitable Capodimonte.
3-A good welcome place. (You can see the great tutorial of Maria Korolov for have a good criteria).
4-Prepare good gowns for ladies (good moment to make it with mesh low poly).

As you can see, I can't stop nor a moment!

See you TOMORROW!!!
Time of exams are out! Now I can back to my regular building process and daily rithm of posting here. Naturally I only could prepare some new rooms without decoration, I decided slow down the decoration process because this exiges a lot of design and my intention is make public this project as soon posible and continue later with the minor tasks. But the noble floor is important for "live" Capodimonte as visitor, surely I will maintain opened about six rooms provisionally.
For now, the textures are simple and repetitive, this is because I'm organizing walls, doors and windows -where are interesting put scripts, like the view of gardens or the Vesuvio- also, I recycle some old textures that I love, like this red and golden brocade with this marble's baseboard.

And a dilemma: I'm not sure about open a new mini-grid or integrate my project on OSGrid. Anyway, this week I will spend time to prepare a testing mini-grid and a testing regions into OSGrid. Where could be easy visit it for you? 

-Mini-grid: this keeps our historical theme, but is limited to receive visitors.
-OSGrid: if you want see other horizons, could be reasonable put my regions into OSGrid...

Waiting for write a decent post , let me offer you the view of some projects that I discovered, are following. His themes are related with a 3D historical enviroment, these two are, like mine, enormous projects full of illusion. For now, I'm still thinking about get a good server for test the hardware and network possibilities and viability of my Naples. Also, I continue the boring task of repeat one by one, each room of the noble floor of the palace, of course I will need prepare a good decoration.

But for now, let me show you the videos!
I just discovered this jewell in Youtube, is placed in Reaction Grid. It is a mixture of the medieval or modern  (Modern historical frame-time) Isle of Rhodes. Really interesting.
This project represents a study of the medieval city of La Rochelle, you can visit it now without install viewers, is a good example of the power and inmediacy of Unity3D. Unfortunately, the creator has removed the virtual demo and we only have this video as evidence, he is unhappy because the people is not interested to help him economically. But, the life is not easy and a good project is not enough to feel worthy of donations. Dear Jousselin, let me advise you: continue the project waiting better times and, meanwhile, fighting. Never removing your merits!

Finally, a web using Unity3D technology too: 
I'm really interested in this idea like a heritage catalog, also, the author is using a complex technique based -I must research more- in mark point by point the coordinates of a image.

Well, I hope you like it, see you in the next Building Process, because our Capodimonte is growing!