Waiting for write a decent post , let me offer you the view of some projects that I discovered, are following. His themes are related with a 3D historical enviroment, these two are, like mine, enormous projects full of illusion. For now, I'm still thinking about get a good server for test the hardware and network possibilities and viability of my Naples. Also, I continue the boring task of repeat one by one, each room of the noble floor of the palace, of course I will need prepare a good decoration.

But for now, let me show you the videos!
I just discovered this jewell in Youtube, is placed in Reaction Grid. It is a mixture of the medieval or modern  (Modern historical frame-time) Isle of Rhodes. Really interesting.
This project represents a study of the medieval city of La Rochelle, you can visit it now without install viewers, is a good example of the power and inmediacy of Unity3D. Unfortunately, the creator has removed the virtual demo and we only have this video as evidence, he is unhappy because the people is not interested to help him economically. But, the life is not easy and a good project is not enough to feel worthy of donations. Dear Jousselin, let me advise you: continue the project waiting better times and, meanwhile, fighting. Never removing your merits!

Finally, a web using Unity3D technology too:  http://www.spinpast.co.uk/ 
I'm really interested in this idea like a heritage catalog, also, the author is using a complex technique based -I must research more- in mark point by point the coordinates of a image.

Well, I hope you like it, see you in the next Building Process, because our Capodimonte is growing!

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