Some weeks ago I told you that our project need a base in SL, this is not only a strategy for get players, also is a experimental point to show the people's reaction to mesh. It's normal when the poor mesh is still despised as "new thingy" and Machiavelli -I'm reading thoroughly "De Principatibus"- gave me a idea, because he thought that new ideas must be implement using your force and no, that's no mean that I will kill all the avatars opposed to mesh, no, I will offer a atractive -and small, because SL is expensive- enviroment and the only way to enjoy it is use a mesh viewer. The place's beauty will be my sword! And all this is so important because I want to know the user's problems to visualice mesh in a grid full of users. In my future mini-grid, I could be sleeping while someone is angry because he can't visualize Capodimonte or his configuration shows a wrinkled palace, without a little help...

Then, I decided design myself a space to develop a informal court's life in our Naples 1770's using a lot of mesh structures. Naturally, this will be funny because also we will start a roleplay! For now, I have another -and fast- project that I hope finish this week to continue building Capodimonte to open the mini-grid soon.
This small palace is product of my personal taste, I decided be today the architect, of course, following the style of our XVIII Century, and is easy, because my architectural taste is really baroque!
Three days ago: the easy part, design the building in SketchUP.
Yesterday: the hard part, mapping the mesh in Blender: is a slow and repetitive work, but the result is worth. I decided quit the windows frame because the work becomes less hard and I could variate the design of each window, or simply change the frames in the future.
Well, I'm having fun with it! Also I'm preparing some mesh clothes. Perhaps you could ask me why I'm so obsessed with mesh, let me tell you: because tomorrow could emerge a revolutionary virtual world, perhaps something powered by Unity, or a different Opensim, and convert all my prim-things could be a unattractive work. Also, my models could be used in other projects, like some presentation 3D in the University.

I repeat again, I'm having fun!!!
3/6/2012 10:31:34 am

Wow, such a great work, wish I could do the same, it's such a great talent of yours.. :) Kepp it up.. :)

3/11/2012 04:44:01 am

Thank you very much!!! I will continue with Capodimonte despite some time with RL's problem and preparing the network to open a mini-grid. I promised publish a tutorial to explain the mesh's creation process, I hope up soon.

Mille grazie!

4/10/2012 11:08:58 pm

Hey! Can you describe the process and software necessary to do this "sketchup > Blender > Opensim" exportation???

4/21/2012 03:02:30 pm

rfi: In the last part of this post I added some tutorials for you explaining, better than me, how to do this. I learned using it and I hope you too.

Kind regards!

9/14/2012 03:02:01 am

because my architectural taste is really baroque!

12/31/2012 02:02:45 am

Yeah i see what you mean with the baroque style, I also thought how is it possible that these awesome tools are wasted in such bad taste for architecture.

Seren Seraph
8/5/2013 05:24:12 pm

Hmm. What parts of this need to be mesh? A great deal of it seems very doable with normal prims. I would love some software that could take a sketch up or other 3D design and produce a set of build automation instructions to build as much as possible using prims and the rest in mesh.


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