Looking at the next tasks list, I decided provide to a "services" zone wich will be used as landing point and base for get all kind of personal elements, like clothes, AOs, weapons and also a light historical gide to play this roleplay.
The problem is that our Capo di Monte is pure mesh, if someone uses mistakenly a no-mesh viewer could be a catastrophic experience, then I decided put a traditional structure of "prims" -mesh models, sculpts and prims are really "mesh", but that's are the differences inherited of SL- to mark a reference point. In adittion, I will put a "giver" in the landing point to warn that a "mesh viewer" is  indispensable to play here and how it must be configured. The configuration is easy if you know what is the debug settings console in the advanced menu of the viewer, you must writte there "onrendervolumeLODfactor" and give a value 5100. It is difficult if you are a newcomer.
Look at the end, there is a new building!
This space will be the landing point,  it is not historically correct, I adapted my version of the frenchMusic's Pavillion of Madame du Barry, designed by Ledoux, to convert in a "services" zone. I could design a new building or create a new and historical space far of Capo di Monte to use as landing point, but that could mean lose more time creating buildings when is needed furniture, clothes, weapons, animals, decoration, etc. I hope change it when the urgent tasks where satisfied.
I found a little of information about the gardens of Capo di Monte before become "romantics". Could be something like it, but I must give variety:  other threes, flowers, benchs, details, details and details! I confess that is a pleasure take a different matter, naturally, the Palace's stairs are waiting for me to be finished but I want rest a little of all this architecture.
Oops! I forget! This is the interior of the "services" zone; red room for get your skin, AO, clothes, weapons, jewells, etc; blue room for get furniture for your apartments in the palace, this have a explanation: I hope offer two rooms in the high floor of the palace to each courtier that want play, then, this room is really needed for provide of the basic kind of stuff to furnish a home. The central room will be the RP's information center, light information that could be completed in a other advanced space into the palace, here you can take perspective about how to play...If you want live here, of course. All for free, naturally.
This is the gentleman's wall of the red room, under construction, now I must fill the vendors and create new shoes, wigs, skins, AOs, swords, etc, to continue with the same task in the ladies wall.
Watching Capo di Monte between the columns!
Well, for now is enough. The project shows a good progress and I'm proud, but continue is my device!

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