Hello! Yes, that was my life the last five days. I'm preparing the server to open Capodimonte to you, of course will be a test grid but we will get experience not only with the technology, also with the RP, and the needs of a young grid. Well, today I get run it right, naturally I'm need finish the configuring work.

In addition, I had a great experience with Ubuntu (the easy Linux distribution) and I must confess that, despite I fall in love with this operative system, I don't have time, for now, to learn how to run Diva Distro using Mono develop. But all are not bad news, because I was able to mount and manage a MySQL server using Linux. But, finally, I decide use Windows Xp for run this test server, like Condensation Land Grid.
Hey! Don't look at my nose so fixedly! As you can see, this is the first result of my incursion connecting my grid to out world. And I consider that is a good moment to say thank you to Crista Lopes, aka Diva Canto, the creator of this marvellous tool called Wifi, increasing the value of Opensimulator itself.
Today I will test the conectivity of my grid in any public conection like my University or the corner's pub, fix issues and tell you the history.

And finally, you can read the list of urgent tasks:
1-Finish the server's network.
2-Finish at least six interior rooms of the palace for have a visitable Capodimonte.
3-A good welcome place. (You can see the great tutorial of Maria Korolov for have a good criteria).
4-Prepare good gowns for ladies (good moment to make it with mesh low poly).

As you can see, I can't stop nor a moment!

See you TOMORROW!!!
8/18/2016 04:50:29 pm

in the first place i love 18 century the clothes, the balls evrything and i love your game but i want to play the game so ai wanted to no if is finished already to i start playing


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