Time of exams are out! Now I can back to my regular building process and daily rithm of posting here. Naturally I only could prepare some new rooms without decoration, I decided slow down the decoration process because this exiges a lot of design and my intention is make public this project as soon posible and continue later with the minor tasks. But the noble floor is important for "live" Capodimonte as visitor, surely I will maintain opened about six rooms provisionally.
For now, the textures are simple and repetitive, this is because I'm organizing walls, doors and windows -where are interesting put scripts, like the view of gardens or the Vesuvio- also, I recycle some old textures that I love, like this red and golden brocade with this marble's baseboard.

And a dilemma: I'm not sure about open a new mini-grid or integrate my project on OSGrid. Anyway, this week I will spend time to prepare a testing mini-grid and a testing regions into OSGrid. Where could be easy visit it for you? 

-Mini-grid: this keeps our historical theme, but is limited to receive visitors.
-OSGrid: if you want see other horizons, could be reasonable put my regions into OSGrid...


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