This RP has been modified an rebuilded the environment. The cause: La Granja is very nice, but really Small as structure to develop a good RP. Resumed: too much gardens and a very little palace.

Today, we have a enormous palace and his gardens with various skyboxes for place a hunting forest and a freebies place.

Now I'm working to improve the own palace but is very important get three importante things:
-Wearable vehicles: horses and carriages. (Tank you to Matandgilis blog)
-Dancing system: I'm preparing a good minuet animations in BVH.
-Weapons: we have various rifles and pistols using the Myriad RPG System of Allen Kerensky.
-More appartments: "the Court could be your home", all ACTIVE members will get his own space into the palace, furnished or unfurnished rooms.

I can tell you that the project is grewing up, but slowly...

A little of History:

The Royal Palace of Aranjuez was a "Royal Place" since 1506, when the Emperor Carlos V bought Aranjuez to the Masters of the Santiago's Chivalric Order. 
Since the XVI Century the palace was developed and when in 1700, the first King of the Bourbon's Dinasty came, Felipe V of Spain (before was only the french duke Philippe d'Anjou, but being Prince of the Royal Household of France), Aranjuez was one of the favourites palaces of the court, However, Felipe V prefered to build La Granja de San Ildefonso in Segovia and, when is living in Madrid, reside in the Buen Retiro (The Good Retire) Palace. 

Aranjuez was a great scenery to the court's life and splendid balls and events, but was in the following reign the Fernando VI age, when Farinelli will organize great moments and convert the spanish court in a important cultural capital of the rococo european. 
Aranjuez is still a "Royal Place", but our kings prefer to live in the small palace of "La Zarzuela", a little more adequate to a Democratic Monarchy
If you wish to visit or take a role in rou RPG of "The Court of Felipe V, 1720's", feel free to travel to Illustrata in OSGRID.

4/15/2014 01:27:44 am

Hello! I have visited your sim a few times recently. It's very pretty. I would love to meet you inworld sometime. I am working on my own opensimulator 18th century RP non historical.

11/4/2014 08:52:38 am

My username in SL is CelesteLamballe Id love to meet in world sometime trying to find others once again who share my love of the eighteenth century. Haven't been online in years there are so many places Ive yet to explore.

Lukas G
2/15/2015 04:06:01 am

Hi, I am impresed with your work, are interested in business cooperation? Please let me know by e-mail. thanks L


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