The Sun's rays are heating the stone of the palace. While the twilight of the day is coming,  I'm thinking about my situation here, and then, a little light of this weak Sun seems caress my eyes. Why not? A very absurd part of these light is clearing my ideas. Yes, is time to start something. And, specially, forget the past.
A planetary alignment based in the next Hypergrid 2.0, the Roleplay Myriad Scripts and the image's building, will be the whip to open a Roleplay in OSGrid, the robbers paradise, I know. But must be a good idea abandon my medieval fear to the burglars: the modern copiers.

Will be interesting speak about "my roleplay". In my opinion, could be the most boring play if you don't like the age frame called XVIII century. However is the great boring play until if you loves the History. Yes, it's play to "dress the wig", a empty game when don't have a good plot, a good argument. Some "royal courts" in Second Life are playing a frivolous game and other groups are recreating a past age very good. A good example of this last trend is Château de Versailles in Second Life, in addition they have a RP money system and a health metter...Based in eat the enough aliments that are for sale in the RP marketplace. Very good. But still less a plot.

Until when I was the master in the old Spanish Court, I never was able to create a good plot to call all players to take part. They where scattered and only attend the main events of the court. However they loved the RP, at least the main ideal of our RP. But for me was boring live -and play- without compass.
Château de Versailles is the best place to enjoy a good social RP, but is the paradise of the subplot: small gossips faded the next day. Yes, that is the court's life, but Versailles was the alma mater, a power center in the political and economical life of the Kingdom of France. Is needed a "power fight" game.
Then, my actual project is not part of a complicate mesh structure, or a enormous and empty palace. Is prepare a good RP argument, in addition, use the Myriad's RP scripts, adapting the HUD and metters to my purposes.
Well, that's sounds good, now I will prepare a list of ingredients to my RP:

1-Historical context (a small period, like Seven Years War or another similar moment).
2-What could happen if? The RP action like a change's vehicle.
3-Main characters (they are the primary leaders of the diferent factions, and can change).
4-Secondary characters (they have diferent tasks, his position can increase of decrease because of the game results).
5-HUD, metter, weapons with wealth, special and normal RP objects, NPC quests, etc.
6-Dice's events: the map, the economy, the people's reaction, must be variants to resolve using the dice in a special event to give direction to the game.
7-Subplots: the spontaneous playing develop can promote new and funny situations.
8-Very important, action: because play to drink tea and conspire must have the company of the swords and pistols, naturally in the suburbs, the forest, the battle...All places far of the elegant rooms reserved to diplomacy and silent daggers.

Is my first time, as roleplayer, that I prepare a serious game. A experiment. Better than build thinking to prepare a far roleplay based in "dress the wig" and conspire without argument.

Perhaps I'm becoming to a metaverse's neighbor v.2.0.

Kind regards!

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