I think that is too cruel wait to finish Capodimonte to post here. Why not explain a little of the building process?

I searched some architectural plans of the palace and failed miserably. The only alternative was find good photos and, of course, in this case I was enough lucky to be thankful with these turists and photographers that post their photos on flickr. Yesterday was a hard day in SketchUP.
And today is needed continue to prepare the UV maps in Blender, for now the most interesting modules of the building are "half-ready", as you can see.
Hee heee!! Look at the proportions!! Will be a enormous palace...Happily this will be place in a Diva megarregion.

I'm very exited with this changes in the project!
1/3/2012 08:55:00 am

holy cow! you made it in Blender and imported it with baked textures! i bow down to your mad skills! wow, fantastic! =)

1/3/2012 12:40:12 pm

Hello Ener! I made the modules in SketcchUP, and the "post processing" was in Blender: removing doubles and create a UV map with ambient oclussion. And, of course, exporting and importing always in collada.

Well, I must confess that your opinion flatters me :P But I don't want be shelfist and have to finish a tutorial explaining the process, really, it is not so meritorious and I think that is no needed be a expert in Blender to get this ressults, I hope to show and contibute a little to popularize the mesh without underestimate the prims, simply both are tools.

Kind regards! :))


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