I'm in conditions to tell that the palace will be finished soon because is being builded by modules. Let me explain.
1-Physical colliders: When we are working with mesh in Opensim, the physics based in the proper model are, for now, out. Also, that's a advantage because if you put a simple prim as collider you are saving hardware's resources for use in other things.
These red prims are my colliders, these modules must be behind the mesh's modules, but never linked: my mesh is inmaterial, if I link colliders and mesh, the colliders could be inmaterial or the mesh could be phisical (a simple box as collider) and could be impossible make balconies.
2-Modules for the interior walls: In black, because by a mistake you can see the lines between prims, is a annoying but daily problem when you are gathering prims, a solution is use the black. Later I removed the black paint only in the faces that will be texturized.
As you can see, I'm need fix some transparent faces in the mesh, no problem I did after a hard work full of forgetfulness. Why this? That modules will be repeated a lot of times in all the building (remember, is symetrical) and with this idea is possible avoid spend time decorating the rooms one by one, taking this walls as reference is easy create the rest of the rooms with the same size in the prims and textures. Anyway, I will explain that idea in the next post, surely.
3-Secondary elements: Windows, balconies, wrought iron railings, bollars in the top, etc. Here we must be very refined electing the materials. What is mesh and what is prim? Small elements, like railings must be prims because the level of detail of the mesh can traits with a low graphic configuration in the viewer. The windows, with a good texture based in shadows and bezel seems enough. Using mesh for windows may cause the same effect with the level of detail: a wrinkled appearance. And we want quality and realism, or almost, we are trying.
Yes, if you compares with the original, my palace could be less "pompeian red", but remember that in 1772 Capo di Monte is a new building.
I'm still happy. That are the most fresh results for now. But the terrain is too flat: we need call the surveyor in the next post. Umm, perhaps is time to prepare a general idea to all the megarregion!

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