I advanced a lot. Because was fixed a problem that I dragged  making UV maps in Blender to create the ambient oclussion map to the model and because I "discovered" a excellent viewer for moments of resting or, at least, not-building time.

Of course, the modules are progressing too and I only need to attack the arches to continue late with the bollards? of the facade's top and organize the palace using the most stupid plan of the building plant that was (im)possible find. But that is other history. For now only could be honest proclaim that I will looting the Architecture's faculty library. I need plans!
As you know, the mesh takes up prims in SL, but in Opensim if you have a mesh with half-million of polygons (and you are a caster and does the miracle of upload this monstrosity) and don't want know how many resources uses the bestiality (perhaps the lag will tell you something), congratulations because you never know any of that.

But the prims count could be indicative and I uploaded my finished modules in SL, the ressults are generous and incredible as you can see in the screenshot. I will create a very symmetric structure and I can guess the amount of prims of the facade and the three interior courtyards.

-Pillars: 8 prims. I will use 64 = 512 prims.
-Pillars of external corner: 9 prims. I will use 8 = 72 prims.
-Pillars of internal corner: 8 prims. I will use 16 = 128 prims.
-Facade with windows: 6 prims. I will use 44 = 264 prims.
-Facade with arches: 8 prims aprox (I'm need see) 48 = 384 prims.

And now, with a simple sum: 1360 prims without doors and windows, more or less, could be 1500-2000 prims with bollards. Is a ridiculous figure if SL is not mistaken. 

On the other hand, I discovered a good viewer that supports mesh and is so light like the old viewer 1 of SL. I'm speaking about Singularity Viewer. The only problem is that you can't upload mesh and some sculpt maps are ugly, but are not things to be very worried if you uses it daily. I will use to a meeting, to play the RP or simply rest in a chair of my appartment in the palace.
I hope add a neapolitan vegetation in the original gardens in 1772 and a Vesuvius in the background. I'm exited!! Take care with the passion, I tell myself, but not here! Because I'm doing it with passion especially when I see this rendering in Opensim with Singularity.

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