I decided to publish all around this week and continue working in OSGrid. HypergridII is still coming and I can not stand the idea of another unfinished project only because the protection is not still optimal. Don't worry, because I will offer freebies when Crista Lopes finish his HGII, because my RL don't let me time and because the gowns in process are coming slow. However, the environment is almost ready.
This is the entire space, under construction. I had to use the simple trees of Opensim, because each bosket demands around hundred trees. Can you imagine the lag using sculpt or mesh trees? A hell!
In the screen: a lonely girl is walking around the "broderies"  under the moonlight. She's Luisa Luisa, my dummy, resting of the work. I hope offer that work very soon!
11/13/2012 07:44:31 am

such a very beautiful build! =)

very nicely done


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