I come from a small comunity of SL since three years ago, the baroque/rococo courts. Despite we don't have a formal census, perhaps we could be among five hundred. The veterans know that a normal behaviour beyond the control of the land owners is the destruction of groups because of the land's  disappearance. Perhaps, the owner is tired and wants close, and being sad, is legitime. But normally the land is property of a group that has inherited from the founder and the activity close when the money of tiers is gone.

If you want know how many groups with land exists actually, I recomend you the list of monsieur de La Vauguyon:

Sorry, but that is the daily history and I'm very bored of it. Perhaps, I'm pursuing a dream, but at least my dream don't will be closed because I can't pay almost 300 Dollars monthly. What can I buy with 250 or 280 Dollars? A new jacket, a pair of shoes, a cuban cigars box, a dinner in a good restaurant, two tickets to the Opera, a ticket to travel to Madrid and back...And I don't have monthly all this money to spend in luxury or virtual worlds. The costs in Sl are dramatic, of course I can rent a ridicule homestead with 900 prims. Wow! So great project placed in a homestead!Then, the best for my circumstances is go to Opensim of continue frustrated in SL. A good friend wrote me a letter asking to start a new project of roleplay with serious players. Of course I'm agree and surely I will open a homestead for that new community, but at the same time, I will use to promote my own grid powered by Opensim, the main project.
In the screenshot: (2008) Firsts months in the Spanish Court, my first clothes and the enormous palace of Olaf Bergbahn.
Yes, the dress taste increased by the time, but was a good group with...7 sims.
Bored of the same problem, I've migrated to Opensim and the happiness is coming. Here the money is only needed to pay to the server hosting, you never see a hooker in my lands (unless if is part of the roleplay) and the virtual money will use as RP-money. With a little group of players, the enough amount of NPC's and only spending the money in maintain good servers, the lag could be only anecdotical.  Well, the final phrase are the objectives.

Wihtout money to be tricked in fake business, without griefers, without bot hookers, without the money's prepotency and closed dreams in dessapeared lands whose content is lost forever because you can't get a OAR to use in best times. Au revoir SL!!!

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