First, my apologies to all, was a long absence because my holy real life -out of this virtual worlds and life- is a normal behaviour but I could writte a simple note to advert.

And, look at the pavillion, I finished the first basic structure and it need some frames, windows and decoration. Yes, it is very basic for now, but I'm very happy because is my first building totally made with mesh -also his own physics are running nice!- at least, is the best of my "fantasy" works -projects born in my mind- and I will complete with a mesh park, really I'm building a little scene that will be our office in Second Life. 
The following task, among others, is fix some issues into the UV map distribution, and some lessons that I learned in this hard work -of texturizing- where:
1-Take care with some small details like corners or soft profiles, the most probably is forget it and this mean that, later, you will back to UV maps wich texture you thinks like finished.
2-Not assign too much materials, I prepared twelve materials to one model and the result is simple: if you exceed the limit the excess material will look transparent. Better unify similar maps into a single material.
3-Prepare precise UV maps is a slow and hard work, then is better simplify the model's details, it is good because the rendering cost is minor. My idea is create the details -like frames, decoration and windows like separate models.

Finally, I received this comment among the patient words of other followers -let me say, by the way, thank you to all!- and I consider just answer here:

Question: "Hey! Can you describe the process and software necessary to do this "sketchup > Blender > Opensim" exportation??"
Answer: It is really simple, actually exist a good video tutorial of Neotoy to explain this process, of course you must, in Blender, learn to use the ambient oclussion UV maps. Let me show you some tutorials of my "teachers" and I hope you will learn and enjoy. 

Thank you to Neotoy and TheASaurus1 to be so generous and share his knowledges with us! 

I will post very soon, I promise!
4/30/2012 06:39:55 am

Your work is very, very amazing ! If you need help rezzing and testing your builds in Second Life, let me know (same name on the game) . I also can introduce to you some of period RP, especially Spanish courts.
Pierre Ceriano.

6/28/2012 03:55:17 am

Thank you very much, Pierre! I'm absent of Sl as ussually, but I hope meet you when I log in. In addition, I don't know the actual spanish court but I was "owner" of the Spanish court in the period 2009-2010 and I very repentant of my resignation. The Spanish Court was my house and a very beloved project in SL.

Kind regards!


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