Vacations are finished for me. That was time to work in a old project almost finished that I hope can publish on OSGrid around september. I did a long travel in the throats of Blender 2.5 and I hope show the results in the next post. 

Really I had the complete model of my project rendered on Unity3D, the problem was adapt the mesh to use in Opensim, specially in OSGrid if I follow my plans.
In the picture: the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso (Segovia, Spain). This was my first scene for Unity3D. Where six months working on the facades and the enormous park of the palace. Now I simplified the mesh to use in Opensim. It's  my most beloved project, so that I decided protect it.
Anyway, I have reasonable doubts about OSGrid and the protection of my work, so I decided publish when Hypergrid II is ready. Naturally is stupid pretend OSGrid as a secure place, however I have notices about a serious control and DMCA protection by the grid's managers. Of course I assume the risk of publishing; if you feel dislike the illegal copies, then don't publish.

About the activity into this palatine scenery, I hope prepare a small group of persons to play and reside and solve some absences using NPC's like extras. Could be funny.
On the other hand, this could be a good visitable place for "turists" interested to visit a living museum. This idea requires be carefully selecting the original art pieces of the palace and the complementary documentation.

While Hypergrid II is coming, I have time to prepare the rest of the enviroment, the welcome zone and the gowns. Without gowns, ladies should be angry with me. And worst: they couldn't to play.

So that was all for now. Naturally, I'm very impressed with the recent SIM's leak of Second Life. This expressions  of obsolescense only can explain a future changes oriented to become in a strange MMO: less servers, less staff and users very concentrated in the physical space. Naturally it's my guess. I can't think about pure decadence because of stupidity.

Kind regards!
9/6/2012 04:54:13 am

ahh, the end of summer but the promise of your work in OSgrid? =)

good luck porting it over and congrats on your mad Blender skillz! =)

9/7/2012 05:16:09 am

Hello Ener! Of course I will up my RPG in Osgrid, I'm preparing the re-definitive environment and, once published, continue building. Only less finish the basic structure to publish, and I hope you will see!! :D

Thank you and kind regards!!

11/7/2012 04:10:55 am

Beautiful build. I can't wait to see it in OSGrid.

Are you interested in Unity3d-based virtual worlds? Since you have this already build in Unity3d, it would be easy to put it online as a multiuser virtual world using Jibe. ( If you ever want to explore how you might do that, I would be happy to help you.


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