This long absence is because I'm preparing some exams in the University. First is the duty. Of course I keep some free time but I'm not able to work into large projects like Capodimonte, my paused Capodimonte. Moreover, I decided create, only for fun and not like a serious matter, a château for my secular character in SL, also part of my life in OS. The old Louis Phelypèaux, duke of la Vrillière and minister of Louis XV. 

I decided create a residence for him, a peaceful space to rest of the court's intrigues. Also, because, he had houses and appartments in SL, but I prefer don't pay anything and have a lot of resources. If I want a little of travelling and adventure, i have a "new" tool: Hypergrid. Yes, because I had so many problems with my network before I fix all two weeks ago. Now, Opensim is something diferent, is like a grid itself. The diference is simple: my lands are free and my work is completely mine, not only for exclusive use in SL.

Crossing the Hypergrid, I have observed the poverty of free contents to the users. I always see the same freebies. It's not so just, because in the last times exist Opensim Creations, with content licensed under Creative Commons, and Linda Kellie, a institution herself. They are working to become Opensim as a rich world and left the old acusation of "empty thing". Then, I'm thinking about register some personal creations under Creative Commons to give my own input, and in adition, increase the number of freebies. This is because sale my creations in SL is not so atractive for me, I'm simply out of SL, is hard live there...All is money. But there are Versailles and some good friends like the only nexus to log there.

And, continuing about criticism, Opensim and his grids are still empty. Well this is a middle truth, because the people prefers manage his own worlds into the personal computer than pay to have a world in a private grid, Maria Korolov sometimes says that is imposible create a census about the real users of Opensim, only is posible see the downloads account of OS Diva Canto and Sim on a Stick, and assume that, like me, is normal download the same Zip folder when you have various PC or simply you forget the placement of the last downloaded folder of OS and you are hurry. A tipycal case is, like other users, download the .zip folder and can't be able, or patient, to install.

My personal conclusion is that Opensim need get the 1.0 version soon, and don't wait to 2014. This could sound unfair because the developers are fighting against the poor resources and number of workers in the project. I must be grateful, but don't hide my truth. Yes, Opensim need a easy installing system, including network and database, thinking that the medium user should be a donkey or my grandmother. About scalability, perhaps Opensim need a lot of hardware to support fifty users connected in a single region, but this could be fixed with two good news that I clap sincerely, the posibility of keep friends and groups over the hypergrid and the future safe hypergrid.
With that horizon is posible continue enjoying Ospensim, I love it and I want prepare a selection of free contents to support this cause. 

Meanwhile, I'm preparing a library-office to monsieur le duc de la Vrillière, who is very boring while his "soul" is studing in the real life. 

See you soon!
6/27/2012 12:17:19 am


Just saw your comment on Ener's blog and noted that you are supporting role play. The RP community is growing, as is OpenSim. I recommend you check out the Myriad RP System by Allen Kerensky. There's science fiction (Lani Global and myself), there's also steam punk and 17th-18th century pirate (Barbary Coast by Gaga Gracious). The more the merrier :-) And now I'm off to add you to my Twitter list :-)

6/28/2012 03:59:25 am

Thank you for add me in Twitter, Sarge! I hope to include my next RP in your list of Roleplay Regions, and by the way, contribute to raise the RP's phenomenon in Opensim.

Kind regards!


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