Yes! Is a question opened to all. Of course the fast answer is "have common sense". Being conscious that Opensim is not Unity3D, with a graphic part absolutly based in polygons 3D (unless if you are creating these adictive games in 2D), I suppose that Opensim and the actual fan of viewers can't support a "super mesh party" too much time.
And, at this point: what can I do with my own work? Can I continue with mesh? Can I back to prims (I love, but I prefer use mesh because the results are most cohesive) like one year ago? Should I combine mesh with sculpts? In case of a negative answer, simply look at the Palace's stairs:
Then, I'm annoyed. But let me continue designing mesh, for me is a opened system and you can create something fastly with good results. For now we need the technical answer to know where are the mesh limitations. Or maybe you can not climb these decaffeinated stairs. Because, now, looking the screenshot...Is needed a little of colour.
I'm opening this web and his blog to show my life in a virtual world, also, I must confess, to transport my little project to remotes parts of the World. Of course, this blog is other  commitment to continue working seriously.

Naples, 1772. We will have time to writte a historical explanation, for now is valid say this place and date to define the context and subject of the first project of Virtual XVIII Century. Really was my first ambitious adventure with mesh, at the end of 2010 and thinking to prepare something to Unity3D. And I got it...Or almost.

Unity is a great thing, but is needed programing in Java or C#, and that is, for now, my great failing.


And fifteen days ago I prepared some modules of that old project to render in Opensim. First, was needed create one good UV map in Blender to the mesh, created firstly in Sketchup -my best tool to create architecture- and later I combined the UV map with a oclussion map using Gimp.
I hope prepare a good tutorial telling this process.

Note: I hope open this land but...Where? I'm thinking in my own grid or up to OSGrid, to play a -historically correct- RP with some old friends of my almost abandoned Second Life. About the reason beacuse I'm in Opensimulator now...I will say in a better moment, this is my first post and better be polite.