Two weeks ago I started a new journey: first was a little plan, later was the creation phase and finally get live to this idea. One of the most dificult step is where run my console or where is my grid. I spoke here about create my own grid, something imposible now because of his cost. Later I was thinking in Kitely, but Kitely is a crazy miracle yes, but is not exactly a grid. Is a accesible cloud, and soon, I know, much more.
But I chose OSGrid, is a versatile grid and I can elect my server or, perhaps, my SIM provider. Is a free grid, full of regions, with a excelent philosophy nearest of mine. 

Now, I'm part of a little group of players and La Granja de San Ildefonso, that far plan, that difficult creation process, is now a place full of life and others can enjoy my dream. The best part is the money`s absence. The cost of a region there is cheap, all runs very well and this region could have a long life.

Can I regret this decision? No, Opensim brings me a complete virtual world and spend time in a empty region, into my computer, alone, creating, was the best idea for my free time. Opensim is, almost, part of my life and now I can understand to some bloggers explaining the magic sensation of have something like a virtual life: perhaps the Platon's perfect world. And Second Life could be the sensible world, the hard and dirty money, a lot of hookers.

However, Second Life was a marvellous idea until now, when is almost sunk. I can't understand why the people is playing Minecraft after visit a nice region of SL, perhaps there you don't need pay one thousand dollars for get a region and three hundred dollars monthly, thought Minecraft have horrible graphics, but his players are happy for now. But I guess that is the same song of SL criticism. Good bye, Second Life!
Now, I have a new challenge: how to create a good and funny roleplay...With my theme!

Kind regards!!!