Make a building in the middle of a desert was depressing me. Then I decided prepare a schematic outsides for give a touch of gaiety to the landscape and continue with the most urgent thing, the palace. 
Also, the main access is ready, this way connects Capodimonte with the city of Naples. Anyway, I will study the roads and ways surrounding the palace, but for now this is representative. The Capodimonte's history says that the building process was not easy. Transport the Piperno's stone -the grey stone-  was a problem because was needed climb the mountain's top by complicated ramps. Is possible that the builders made use of heavy carriages like this, "conserved" -look! this must be restored and exposed in a interior room-  in the Carriages Museum of Madrid, and used to build the Royal Palace of that city. Could be a good idea reproduce one in the future and explain a building process in this historical frame time.
The elements of the forest are done with mesh of very low polygonation, I will prepare different kinds of vegetation, following a good botanic work about the local flora of the neighborhoods of Naples. But for now, I'm need increase the quality of the first trees to continue making others. The alpha textures are a problem because they are overlap while you are walking around.
Humm...I don't like it or I'm being very strict myself. I miss there rocks and grass too, all is coming.
12/15/2013 12:28:14 pm

Wow,,,,it is very valuable blog about nature. thank you for sharing.


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